Here are the latest features and fixes for Rise. Because Rise is a web app, there's nothing to install. New features and fixes are immediately available, though you might need to publish a course again to update it with a new feature or fix. 

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Enhanced: Activity Report Minimum

Course activity with a duration of under ten seconds isn’t recorded on the activity report.

Categories: Reporting

Released May 13, 2021

Enhanced: Report Time Stamps

Learner, course, and learning path reports display exactly when the data was last refreshed by the system. The activity report refreshes continuously.

Categories: Reporting

Released May 13, 2021

Enhanced: Reporter Access for SSO-Managed Groups

You can now select SSO-managed groups when assigning reporter access.

Categories: Managing, Reporting

Released: May 11, 2021

Enhanced: Third-Party Content Learning Paths

Create learning paths from your imported third-party training.

Categories: Managing, Authoring

Released: May 6, 2021

Enhanced: Update Third-Party Content

Overwrite your existing third-party courses with new versions, maintaining current enrollments and reports.

Categories: Managing

Released: May 6, 2021

New: Multiple Rise Libraries

Create completely separate course libraries in Rise. Perfect for when you want to give different groups of people, such as external partners, access to a limited set of courses.

Categories: Platform

Released: May 4, 2021

New: Business Content Courses

We’ve combined our business content lessons into 55 real content courses covering topics such as Career Management, Communication, Leadership, Project Management, Stress Management, Team Management, and Time Management.

Categories: Authoring

Released: April 30, 2021

Enhanced: Cover Photo Text Contrast

You can set the text contrast on cover photos to 0%.

Categories: Authoring

Released: April 29, 2021

New: Question-level Reporting

Know how your learners answered each question so that you can refine training to meet their needs.

Categories: Reporting

Released: April 8, 2021

Enhanced: Search Users by Email

You can search the Users list by email address as well as name.

Categories: Managing

Released: April 7, 2021

New: Next Big Idea Club Content

Help your team reach their highest potential with life-changing, ready-to go training content from the world’s most brilliant luminaries. Offered in partnership with the Next Big Idea Club, these courses feature videos from the authors themselves, who share their insights directly with learners.

Categories: Authoring

Released: April 6, 2021

New: Content-Focused Authoring Experience

Quickly create courses from our extensive collection of modular, fully customizable lessons and exclusive partner content.

Categories: Authoring

Released: April 6, 2021

New: Problem Solving

Learn how to overcome barriers, brainstorm solutions, reframe issues, solve problems as a team, and more in these 18 new Problem Solving lessons.

Categories: Authoring

Released: March 25, 2021

Enhanced: Quiz Lesson Continue Button

In quiz lesson settings, you can select a Continue button to appear at the end of the quiz instead of the standard next lesson button. Your learners will see a familiar continue button that adopts your course theme color.

Categories: Authoring

Released: March 9, 2021

New: Slack Integration

Integrate Rise directly with your favorite team communication app. This lets you receive Rise notifications directly in Slack and more.

Categories: Integrations

Released: March 1, 2021

New: Sales

Learn how to build a sales pipeline, create relationships, manage deals, and close the sale. Plus, dive into sales leadership and management, the psychology of sales, and more with 59 new Sales lessons.

Categories: Authoring

Released: February 24, 2021

New: Custom Welcome Email

Personalize the email your learners receive when you invite them to your account.

Categories: Managing

Released: February 2, 2021

Enhanced: Accessible Labeled Graphics

Make labeled graphic interactions accessible to all users with improved keyboard navigation, screen reader support, and a color selector for markers.

Categories: Accessibility

Released: January 28, 2021

Enhanced: Automatic Audio and Video Bookmarking

When you navigate away from or close a lesson while playback is in progress, your position is saved automatically. Just press Play to resume where you left off.

Categories: Learning
Released: January 5, 2021

New: HR, Marketing and PR, and Workplace Safety Templates

We’ve added five new templates to our Human Resources, Marketing and Public Relations, and Workplace Safety topics.

Categories: Authoring

Released: December 18, 2020

Enhanced: Deleted and Completed Columns for Exported Reports

The Deleted column in exported course and learning path reports lets you see at a glance if a learner is still active. The Completed column in exported course reports shows the date a learner first completed the course.

Categories: Managing, Reporting
Released: December 17, 2020

New: Labeled Graphics Markers Color Selector

Make your labeled graphics markers stand out and ensure they meet accessible contrast requirements with the new color selector.

Categories: Authoring, Accessibility

Released: December 3, 2020

New: Business Ethics

Learn how to develop a culture of ethics and integrity in the workplace as an individual or a leader with 19 new Business Ethics lessons.

Categories: Authoring

Released: October 20, 2020

New: Zapier

Add Rise to your Zapier workflows to automate your work and streamline your productivity.

Categories: Integrations

Released: September 22, 2020

New: Time Management

Learn how to stay on schedule, reduce distractions, maintain focus, and much more with our Time Management business content lessons.

Categories: Authoring

Released: September 21, 2020

New: Content Transfer

Maintain control of your content and intellectual property. When someone leaves your account, choose what happens to their content.

Categories: Managing

Released, September 21, 2020

New: Leadership and Professional Skills Templates

We’ve added two new templates to our Leadership and Management and Professional Skills topics.

Categories: Authoring

Released: September 17, 2020

New: HR, Leadership, PR, and Professional Skills Templates

We’ve added five new templates to our Human Resources, Leadership and Management, Marketing and Public Relations, and Professional Skills topics.

Categories: Authoring

Released: September 2, 2020

New: Granular Reporting Permissions

Specify which groups reporters can and can’t see. Please note that reporters created prior to this date have access to the Everyone report group by default. Reporters created after this date will have view access only for those groups assigned to them by admins.

Categories: Managing, Reporting

Released: September 2, 2020

New: Third-Party Content Support (Beta)

Import SCORM content from any authoring app and track learners' results in Rise.

Categories: Managing, Reporting

Released: September 1, 2020

New: Stress Management

Learn how to recognize, relieve, and deal with stress in these 17 business content lessons.

Categories: Authoring

Released: August 31, 2020

New: Invite Users to Groups

Add users to groups when you invite them to your account.

Categories: Managing

Released: August 25, 2020

New: Custom Domain Support

Use CNAME to use a personalized URL for your Rise training site.

Categories: Managing

Released: July 29, 2020

New: Custom APIs

With the Rise data API you can build custom integrations with your business systems, giving your team access to valuable training data where they need it most.

Categories: Integrations

Released: July 28, 2020

New: Sample Courses and Templates

We’ve added 5 sample courses and 12 templates to the business content library for the following topics:

Categories: Authoring
Released: July 16, 2020

New: Quiz Results in Exported Reports

Admins and reporters can see learners’ quiz scores in exported CSV reports.

Categories: Managing, Reporting
Released: May 15, 2020

New: Image Cropping

Only need part of an image? Just use the built-in cropping tool to create the perfect picture.

Categories: Authoring
Released: May 14, 2020

New: Time to Learn Calculation

Rise automatically estimates course duration based on your actual lesson content. You can still enter your own course duration value.

Categories: Authoring, Managing
Released: April 16, 2020

New: COVID-19: What You Need to Know

Use this sample course to cut through the confusion surrounding the new coronavirus with this course that aims to dispel misinformation about COVID-19.

Categories: Authoring, Business Content

Released: March 13, 2020

New: PDF Download

Need to print out a course or download it for compliance documentation? Quickly export a PDF of your course right from your Create dashboard. Learn more

Categories: Authoring
Released: February 17, 2020

New: Video Closed Captions

Make your training more accessible by adding closed captions to videos, even those in the prebuilt lessons in Rise. Simply import a caption file for each language.

Categories: Authoring, Accessibility
Released: February 4, 2020

Enhanced: Video Playback Speed

This is now a course-level setting and is enabled by default for all videos. Learners choose a playback speed that's comfortable for them—from 0.25x up to 2x. Learn more.
Categories: Authoring
Released: January 23, 2020

New: Cover Photos for Learning Paths

Customize your learning path with a cover photo. The photo appears on the cover page behind the learning path title.
Categories: Authoring
Released: December 6, 2019

New: Sample Courses

Sample courses provide ready-to-use training on a wide variety of common business topics.
Categories: Authoring, Business Content
Released: November 13, 2019

New: Templates

Build engaging, interactive lessons quickly using gorgeous, customizable templates. Choose a template, add your text and media, and Rise does the rest.
Categories: Authoring, Business Content
Released: November 13, 2019

New: Business Content

Create courses quickly with our professionally-designed, fully customizable lessons that deal with business topics relevant to every employee.
Categories: Authoring, Business Content
Released: November 13, 2019

Enhanced: Video Playback Speed

Let learners select a playback speed that’s comfortable for them, from 0.5x up to 2x. 

Categories: Learning
Released: October 30, 2019

Enhanced: Picture-in-picture Video Playback

Learners can move a video to a floating window so they can watch the video and scroll through lesson content at the same time.
Categories: Learning
Released: October 29, 2019

New: Export Reports

With one click, you can export any report to a CSV file for download.

Categories: Reporting, Managing
Released: October 25, 2019

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