Here are the latest features and fixes for Rise. Because Rise is a web app, there's nothing to install. New features and fixes are immediately available, though you might need to publish a course again to update it with a new feature or fix. 

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Enhanced: Branded Emails

Your custom logo and brand color appear in system emails instead of the Rise defaults.

Categories: Managing

Released: July 13, 2020

New: Quiz Results in Exported Reports

Admins and reporters can see learners’ quiz scores in exported CSV reports.

Categories: Managing, Reporting
Released: May 15, 2020

New: Image Cropping

Only need part of an image? Just use the built-in cropping tool to create the perfect picture.

Categories: Authoring
Released: May 14, 2020

New: Time to Learn Calculation

Rise automatically estimates course duration based on your actual lesson content. You can still enter your own course duration value.

Categories: Authoring, Managing
Released: April 16, 2020

New: PDF Download

Need to print out a course or download it for compliance documentation? Quickly export a PDF of your course right from your Create dashboard. Learn more

Categories: Authoring
Released: February 17, 2020

New: Video Closed Captions

Make your training more accessible by adding closed captions to videos, even those in the prebuilt lessons in Rise. Simply import a caption file for each language.

Categories: Authoring, Accessibility
Released: February 4, 2020

Enhanced: Video Playback Speed

This is now a course-level setting and is enabled by default for all videos. Learners choose a playback speed that's comfortable for them—from 0.25x up to 2x. Learn more.
Categories: Authoring
Released: January 23, 2020

New: Cover Photos for Learning Paths

Customize your learning path with a cover photo. The photo appears on the cover page behind the learning path title.
Categories: Authoring
Released: December 6, 2019

New: Sample Courses

Sample courses provide ready-to-use training on a wide variety of common business topics.
Categories: Authoring
Released: November 13, 2019

New: Templates

Build engaging, interactive lessons quickly using gorgeous, customizable templates. Choose a template, add your text and media, and Rise does the rest.
Categories: Authoring
Released: November 13, 2019

New: Business Content

Create courses quickly with our professionaly designed, fully customizable lessons that deal with business topics relevant to every employee.
Categories: Authoring
Released: November 13, 2019

Enhanced: Video Playback Speed

Let learners select a playback speed that’s comfortable for them, from 0.5x up to 2x. 

Categories: Learning
Released: October 30, 2019

Enhanced: Picture-in-picture Video Playback

Learners can move a video to a floating window so they can watch the video and scroll through lesson content at the same time.
Categories: Learning
Released: October 29, 2019

New: Export Reports

With one click, you can export any report to a CSV file for download.

Categories: Reporting, Managing
Released: October 25, 2019

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