Applies to these roles: Reporter, Admin  

The Learner Reports tab lists all users ever registered to your account, including users you’ve removed. You can sort the main list by name and total number of enrolled courses. Select a learner to access their individual report.

On the individual user’s report, you’ll see a dashboard listing their name and email address at the top.

Below that, the dashboard widget tracks the number of courses in which they’re enrolled, with the color of the ring reflecting whether any courses are in progress or overdue. Next to the widget, you’ll see a breakdown of how they’re progressing through their enrolled courses. 

To the right is the total number of lessons the learner has completed and total number of hours they’ve spent learning since they joined your team. 

The report underneath the dashboard lists all of the learners currently enrolled and completed courses, sortable by name, due dates, status, and duration. This report is searchable and exportable. 

Return to the main Learner Reports tab by clicking the arrow next to the learner’s name in the dashboard.

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