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View the Reports Dashboard
View the Reports Dashboard

How to view reports and monitor activity with the dashboard

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 Applies to these roles: Reporter, Admin  

The Analyze tab is where you view and export reports and activity data for your account. 

Monitoring Activity in the Reporting Dashboard

At the top of the Analyze tab is the reporting dashboard. Here you’ll find automatically refreshed, all-time metrics for your account, including:

  • Number of courses published, including offline courses  

  • Number of total users for your account

  • Number of courses completed since account launch

  • Total number of learning hours since account launch

How to View Reports

Below the dashboard are the four types of reports for your account.

Here you access statistics on usage for learning paths and courses, see how learners are progressing through their assigned content, and view all the activity for your account. Your view may include only a subset of the learners in your organization if an admin has assigned you to specific groups.

For all reports, the list can be quickly re-ordered by clicking a header you’d like to sort by, then clicking again to arrange the list in ascending or descending order. 

Use the links above to learn more about each report type.

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