Applies to these roles: Reporter, Admin  

Select the Course Reports tab to display a list of all current and completed courses for your account. You can sort them by name or number of learners enrolled. Selecting an item takes you to the individual course report.

Note: Your view may include only a subset of your organization's content if an admin has assigned you to specific groups.

Viewing the Dashboard

On the individual course’s report, you’ll see a dashboard at the top with the course name, number of lessons in the course, and learner statistics.

The learners widget gives you at-a-glance insight into how learners enrolled in the course have progressed. The color ring updates to reflect the number of completed, in-progress, and unstarted learners. Next to the widget, you’ll see a breakdown of that same course status information.

On the right-hand side of the dashboard, you’ll see the total number of lessons learners have completed and hours spent. Click the arrow next to the course title to return to the main Course Reports tab.

Viewing the Status Tab

The Status tab lists learners currently or previously enrolled in the course, sortable by status, duration, quiz score, and due date statistics. In the due date column, overdue courses are displayed in red. Filter this view by learner using the search field. This report is exportable.

Expand a row to see the learner’s activity. This includes activity date and duration, how many lessons were viewed, and any quiz scores for the session. You’ll see 15 rows of activity. If there’s more to see, the Show all activity link displays. This takes you to the activity tab where you’ll see all historical activity for this learner.

Viewing the Activity Tab

The Activity tab is where you’ll see everything learners have done in this course. It’s sortable by date, duration, number of lessons viewed, and quiz score (with red or green values for failed and successful attempts). Filter this view by learner using the search field. This report is exportable.

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