How to Enable Rise Services in Your Network

Add these network endpoints and domains to your allowlist to ensure access to all Rise services

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This article lists Rise services and network endpoints. The domains listed below must be accessible on port 443 for these services to work properly.

Secure networks might block Rise services and prevent it from working. We recommend adding the following domains to your allow list or safe list for the best experience. At a minimum, you’ll need to allow the highlighted endpoints for Rise to work properly.

Note: Rise uses bearer-token authentication. This means the authentication token is attached to your account, so your network admin shouldn't modify the authorization header in http requests.

Rise Domains - This domain or the API endpoints must be allowed in order to use the Rise API. - This domain provides various services, including help and support information for Rise.

* - Our subdomains provide essential services, such as authentication, that are required for your Rise apps to function.

* - This domain is required for user-generated content, such as screenshots and reports.

Amazon S3 Endpoints - This Amazon S3 endpoint is required for various Rise features. - This Amazon S3 endpoint is required for stock templates and characters. - This Amazon S3 endpoint provides static content, such as style sheets, for our websites and web app.

Stock Assets

These domains are required for browsing stock images and videos in Rise:

  • *

  • *

  • *

  • *

  • *

If you have questions about stock assets, let us know. We’re happy to help!

Payment Authorization

* - This domain provides authorization of credit card payments for your Rise subscription.

Analytics and Support

* - These endpoints collect rendering errors from your browser so we can improve your experience.

*, * - These endpoints help us track how users interact with our web pages and apps so we can continually make our products better.

* - This endpoint powers chat support for Rise subscribers.

* - These endpoints allow us to enable new features, including early access features, for your Rise team.

*, * - These endpoints help us give you the support you need to succeed. For example, they allow us to keep your Rise onboarding checklist up to date and send follow-up emails with relevant info and tutorials.

Web Fonts, Graphics, and Icons

*, *, *, * - These domains let you see the licensed typefaces and images we use on our websites.

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