Applies to these roles: Reporter, Admin  

Select the Learning Paths tab to see all the learning paths for your account. 

At a glance, you’ll see how many courses each learning path contains, as well as how many learners are enrolled. Click a row to select a learning path and view its dashboard as well as enrollee and course reports. 

On the individual learning path’s report, you’ll see a dashboard at the top with the learning path name, number of courses in the learning path, and learner statistics. 

The learners widget gives you at-a-glance insight into how enrolled learners are progressing through the course. The color ring updates to reflect the number of completed, in-progress, and overdue learners. Next to the widget, you’ll see a breakdown of how they’re progressing through the learning path.

On the right-hand side of the dashboard, you’ll see the cumulative number of lessons learners have completed and hours spent. 

On both the Learners and Courses tabs, search for a learner or course via the search bar. You can also export the reports for each learning path to a PDF. Click the arrow next to the learning path title in the dashboard to return to the main Learning Paths tab.

The Learners tab has a roster of all learners currently and previously enrolled in the learning path and lists their next due date (if applicable), their progress status in the learning path, and how much total time they’ve spent on the learning path up to completion. Once a learner has completed a learning path, retaking it won’t change these metrics.  

Select a learner to expand the row. Here you’ll see the individual statistics for each course in the learning path, including when they last accessed the course, their progress status, and their latest quiz scores. You can’t rearrange the data in these columns like you can in other reports. 

Click the Courses tab to access the individual reports for the courses that make up the learning path. On this tab, you’ll see the number of lessons as well as how long learners have spent on it for each course. 

Deleting Learning Path Reports

If the learning path associated with a report is deleted, you'll see Learning Path Deleted next to the report's entry on the main tab. 

When you navigate to the individual learning path's report, you'll see a Deleted tag next to the title. You'll also have an option to delete the report. Click Delete Report and confirm. 

Tip: Once you confirm its deletion, you can't recover the report. 

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