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How to Assign Groups to Reporters
How to Assign Groups to Reporters

Have your reporters manage the data for specific groups and users

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This article applies to: Admins

Before reporters can view reports for groups and users, you have to provide them access to those groups. Here's how.

When an admin changes a user’s role to reporter from the users list, the Set Reporter Groups window displays. The groups selected here are the only groups to which the reporter has Report View access. If you don’t want to limit the user’s report access, select Everyone. Click Save to complete the assignment.

You can see the groups to which a reporter has report view access by selecting their name in the users list. Click the reports row to access the Set Reporter Groups window and adjust their assignments.

Unless they’ve been assigned to the Everyone group, reporters see only the reports for their assigned groups and the users included in those groups.

You can also assign groups to reporters when you invite them to your organization.

Please note, if you change a reporter’s role to author or learner and they’re assigned groups, they’ll lose Report View access. However, they’ll regain those permissions if they’re made a reporter again.

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