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Maintain control of your content and intellectual property. When an author, reporter, or admin leaves your account, transfer their content to another account member. Here’s how it works.

  1. Remove the User from Your Account

  2. Transfer Their Content to Another User

  3. FAQs

Step 1: Remove the User from Your Account

On the Manage tab, select People, then Users. Click a user entry to expand their row, then click Delete User.

Confirm the process by clicking Remove. This deletes their current enrollments. Their course reports are saved unless manually deleted.

Please note, if you manage your users via SSO with SCIM enabled, you can only delete users via your IdP.

Step 2: Transfer Their Content to Another User

If the user is an author, reporter, or admin who’s created content, a window pops up to automatically transfer their content to another user on your account.

Search for the new owner’s name or email address in the field provided. Select the new owner from the list, then click Remove and Reassign. This generates a folder in the assigned user’s account that contains the content from the user you’re removing.

Note: You can’t automatically transfer a user’s content when their role is switched to learner from author, admin, or reporter. They’ll need to manually transfer their content to another user before their role is switched.

For SCIM-Enabled SSO Accounts

After you delete a user from your IdP, if they had content associated with their account, you’ll find their record on the Deactivated tab under Manage > People. There you can transfer their content to a new user as detailed above. The user record is automatically removed from the tab once the transfer is complete.


What happens when you transfer content to someone else?

The new owner receives an email notification about the content transferred to them. They have full control over the content, including Rise courses, label sets, and block templates. Learn more.

Who can you transfer content to?

You can transfer content to any author, reporter, or admin in your account. You can’t divide content among multiple users. However, the new owner can transfer Rise courses to existing members of the team.

Do reports or user data from the original user get transferred?

No, only the user’s courses, block templates, and custom label sets transfer to the new owner. A deleted user’s activity report remains in the system under their name.

Can I delete a user’s content instead of transferring it?

If you don’t need the content created by someone who left your account, you’ll first have to transfer the content to a new user. That user can then delete the content all at once by deleting the transfer folder. Learn more.

If I invite a deleted user back to my team, will they automatically get their content back?

For traditionally managed accounts, the user that received the transferred content must manually transfer the courses back to the re-invited user.

For accounts that use SSO with SCIM to manage users, you can add a user back to your account while their record is still visible on the Deactivated tab. If the user is added back via IdP before their content is transferred to a new user, they’ll retain control.

Can I transfer content to another account?

Definitely. Just contact Rise support and we'll help you get the process started.

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