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Real content courses provide ready-to-use training on a wide variety of common business topics. They’re customizable, just like your regular Rise courses, and are the fastest way for you to add content to your library. You can find real content courses on the Create New dashboard.

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Are You Prepared to Weather the Storm?

Prepare your audience for hurricanes with compelling public safety training.

Construction Safety 101

Build safety training that's easy and enjoyable to explore in the field.

How to Avoid a Conflict of Interest

Help your team avoid a conflict of interest with compliance training.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Meet stringent state requirements for sexual harassment prevention training.

Customer Success and Service

Do You Have These Four Essential Customer Service Skills?

Boost your team's skills with engaging customer service training.

Diversity and Inclusion

Black History Month

Celebrate diversity during Black History Month.

Creating Social Change: A Guide for Everyday Citizens

Encourage civic engagement with this guide on creating social change.

Cultivating Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at Work

Create a diverse workplace culture that champions equity and individuality.

Working Across Cultures

This sensitivity training helps build relationships across cultures.

Health and Wellness

7 Go-to Strategies to Tame Stress

Need a break from stress? Relieve tension with healthy coping techniques.

Answering Common COVID-19 Vaccine Questions

Find answers to common questions regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

NEW October 2021

Beating Burnout: Spot the Symptoms and Take Action

Do you suffer from burnout? Learn how to spot the symptoms and beat burnout for good.

COVID-19: The Fight Continues

Get the latest COVID-19 safety, prevention, and vaccination guidelines.

Updated October 21, 2021

Coping With Workplace Change

Learn how to embrace and navigate change effectively with help from this training.

Coping with Stress and Uncertainty During COVID-19

Help your team learn coping techniques to improve their emotional well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dealing With Stress, Pressure, and Burnout

Learn how to recover from mentally distressing situations.

Good Stress? Embracing Eustress to Improve Your Life

Learn about different types of stress and how to embrace the right kind.

How to Create an Employee Wellness Program: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to plan and launch an inclusive wellness program all employees appreciate.

NEW October 2021

Impostor Syndrome: What It Is and How to Overcome It

Learn how to face your insecurities and overcome impostor syndrome for good.

Retirement Planning for Every Stage of Life

Plan for your retirement, and set yourself up for picturesque golden years.

NEW October 2021

The Basics of Managing Stress

Learn how your body reacts to stress and how to deal with it.

Human Resources

A Guide to Workplace Integrity

Align your values and actions with this workplace integrity training.

Dealing With a Problem at Work? When and How to Involve HR

This guide outlines when—and when not—to take a problem to HR.

Doing the Right Thing: A Guide to Good Business Ethics

What are business ethics? Check your conduct with this employee ethics training.

Driving Your Career

Give your team guidance on their professional growth.

How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Learn how to find and nurture the best talent for your business.

How to Conduct an Effective Job Interview

Hone your interviewing skills to make smart hiring decisions and attract top talent.


5 Leadership Styles to Influence a Team

Propel your team to new heights with five distinct leadership styles.

A Blueprint for Effective Workplace Leadership

Learn the fundamentals of effective leadership in the workplace.

A Guide to Effective Meetings

Cut down on unnecessary and unproductive meetings with this guide.

A Guide to Managing Remote Teams

Expand your management toolkit with strategies targeted at remote teams.

A Guide to Mentoring Others

Cultivate effective mentors at your company with this guide on mentoring others.

A Guide to Navigating Team Dynamics

Explore the various dynamics that make up a team to enhance your work environment.

A Manager's Guide to Resolving Team Conflict

This guide prepares managers to handle team conflict more effectively.

Becoming the Boss: A Guide for New Managers

Use this guide to transition seamlessly from employee to manager.

Create an Enviable Team Culture

Learn to build a strong, positive work culture and transform it into an enviable one.

Develop a Thriving Team

Managers—learn techniques to guide your team to flourishing careers.

Effective Feedback Strategies

Get the tools you need to give feedback to reinforce or redirect work behaviors.

Four Stages of Team Development

Learn the stages of team development and how to help your team navigate them.

Introduction to Team Management

Get the fundamentals to lead a team to greatness—as individuals and a group.

Leading Through Difficult Times

Learn how to lead through difficult times using crisis management.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Develop emotional intelligence by expanding your personal and social competencies.

Letting an Employee Go Gracefully

Not the right fit for your team? Learn how to let employees go with tact.

Motivating Your Team

Create a motivating workplace and spark your team’s best work with new techniques.

Overcoming Common Challenges of Remote Managers

This guide covers common challenges managers face in remote environments.

Performance Management

Learn to plan for, oversee, and review your team’s performance to help them find success.

Resolving Conflict

Get tips and techniques to resolve conflict between colleagues quickly.

The Secrets of Skilled Delegation

Become indispensable. Know when and how to delegate to get work done through a team.

Transitioning to Remote Work

Guide your team through the transition from working in the office to working from home.

Personal Development

4 Personality Types That Suffer From Chronic Lateness

Discover your personality type and learn tips to overcome the cycle of lateness.

4 Ways to Add Value and Earn a Raise at Work

Explore four ways to increase your contributions and compensation at work.

5 Career Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them

Learn how to overcome five of the most common obstacles to career development.

Assessing Your Strengths, Interests, and Values

Identify and leverage your unique strengths, interests, and values at work.

Feeling Unmotivated at Work? Common Causes and Tips to Increase Motivation

Learn four primary causes of low motivation along with strategies to overcome each.

How to Get Noticed at Work

Get noticed and increase your visibility at work with the help of this training.

How to Land Your Dream Job

Land your dream job with this training’s resume, cover letter, and interviewing tips.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure

Overcome your fear of failure and learn to take more positive, professional risks.

Scheduling 101: How to Prioritize Your Tasks and Avoid Procrastination

Learn how to create a schedule that embraces shifting priorities.

Setting Goals That Actually Work

Create achievable goals with these foolproof, time-tested tips.

Updated June 1, 2021

Time Management Essentials

Ramp up your productivity by exploring the basics of time management.

Unsolved Mystery: The Case of Amelia Earhart

See how easy it is to bring educational content to life.

Professional Skills

5 Strategies for Managing Scope

Boost your ability to define and maintain scope.

A Guide to Empathy at Work

Foster connection in the workplace with this comprehensive guide on empathy.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Problem-Solving

Learn a five-step approach to overcoming even the trickiest of issues.

NEW October 2021

Change Management for Project Managers

Learn how to analyze and implement project changes.

Coming Back From a Big Workplace Mistake

Repair the damage and rebuild your reputation after making a big workplace mistake.

Common Workplace Challenges and How to Handle Them

Learn how to navigate common workplace challenges.

Communication Fundamentals

Learn to clearly and effectively send and receive messages at work.

Communication Strategies for Project Managers

Learn how to communicate effectively with your team.

Creating and Delivering Business Presentations

This training helps learners create and deliver winning business presentations.

Developing a Growth Mindset

Unlock your team's capacity to learn, grow, and thrive.

Developing and Maintaining a Professional Network

Grow your career by nurturing a rich and diverse professional network.

Do's and Don'ts After Losing Your Job

Lost your job? Don’t panic. Here’s how to get back on track.

Getting Started With Project Management

Learn the basics of project management.

Giving Effective Feedback

Help others become the best versions of themselves with effective feedback.

Guide to Negotiation and Persuasion

Learn the art of successfully influencing others using negotiation and persuasion.

How to Build Better Relationships With Your Boss and Coworkers

Learn to develop effective working relationships with your boss and coworkers.

How to Have a Difficult Conversation

Improve interpersonal skills with the four-step process in this course.

How to Improve Your Focus at Work

Learn tips and tricks to avoid distractions and maximize concentration.

How to Work Effectively With Different Communication Styles

This guide covers four communication styles and how to work effectively with each.

Improve Your Business Writing Skills

Learn quick self-assessment tricks to improve your business writing skills.

Improving Your Project Management Skills

Discover how to make your projects better.

Master the Art of Verbal Communication

Level up your workplace verbal communication skills to "expert".

Mastering Project Management Frameworks

Explore project management frameworks and learn how to apply them to your projects.

Overcoming Procrastination

Inspire your team to overcome procrastination and boost productivity.

Project Management 101

Build training that'll help your team hone essential project management skills.

Project Management Scheduling

Improve your project scheduling skills.

Receiving and Seeking Feedback

Help your team to grow with training on receiving and seeking feedback.

Resolving Conflict With Coworkers

Get your team to work in harmony with training on conflict resolution.

Secrets to Successful Reporting for Project Managers

Enhance your project reporting abilities.

Supercharging Your Career With the Help of a Mentor

Unlock the career benefits of finding a mentor by becoming a model mentee.

Take Control of Your Future: Career Development 101

Use these tools to plan, manage, and advance your career.

The Remote Work Survival Guide

Learn to navigate the challenges of remote work with four expert strategies.

Time Management

Use these tips to help your team work smarter, not harder.

When to Ask Your Boss for Help

Train your team how to determine the best ways to escalate an issue.

Workplace Communication Basics

Improve workplace communication by adapting this fundamental course.

Workplace Distractions: How to Avoid Time-Wasting Traps

Cut out distractions once and for all with these easy-to-implement strategies.

Write Like a Boss

Learn to communicate written messages clearly, efficiently, and effectively.

Sales and Marketing

Why People Buy: Boost Sales by Understanding Customers' Needs

Uncover buyers’ needs and motivations to boost sales.

Build the Ultimate Sales Presentation Slide Deck

Learn to build a slide deck and impress your audience with a pitch that sticks.

Building Relationships in Sales

Dive into the relational aspect of sales.

Closing the Deal: Negotiation Strategies to Increase Sales

Master the art of sales negotiation to close more deals.

Expert Strategies for Overcoming Sales Objections

Sales objections aren’t always a hard “No.” Learn to overcome them in this course.


Review the basics of sales.

How to Handle Objections: Getting Customers to Say, "Yes!"

Empower your sales team with practical tips and realistic scenarios.

Psychology Tips That Unlock Sales

Get tips to understand the mind, meet client needs, and close the sale.

Secrets to Winning Sales Presentations

Effectively demonstrate you’re the perfect solution for your prospect’s needs.

The Ultimate Sales Prospecting Guide

Open new relationships—and win more sales—by learning to prospect like a pro.

Why People Buy: Boost Sales by Understanding Customers' Needs

Uncover buyers’ needs and motivations to boost sales.

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