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You can personalize a Rise course by inserting a logo, adding a cover photo, choosing an accent color, and changing fonts. Just click Settings in the upper right corner of the course editor and use the following options on the Theme tab. See more in this video.

Brand your course with your company’s logo. The logo appears on the cover page above the course description and outline.

Click Upload Logo, then browse for an image file on your computer.

Add a Cover Photo

Customize your course with a cover photo. The photo appears on the cover page behind the course title.

If you don’t use a cover photo, that’s fine too. The accent color you choose (see below) will show instead.

You can upload your own photo or search for the perfect image from an extensive library of gorgeous, royalty-free photographs.

Just click Add Cover Photo, then choose either Browse Cover Photos or Upload Photo.

If you want the cover photo to also appear at the top of the sidebar in your course, mark the box to Show in Sidebar. If it’s hard to see your course title on top of the photo, try adjusting the Text Contrast percentage.

If you change your mind and want to remove the cover photo, just click the trash icon.

Change Your Accent Color and Fonts

Customize your course with an accent color as well as heading and body fonts. The accent color appears throughout your course to tie it all together.

  1. Click Customize Theme.

  2. Choose an accent color.

  3. Select heading and body fonts. (Want to use your own custom fonts? Here's how.)

It’s that easy! The preview area below your color and font choices automatically refreshes so you can see how they look.

Click Save in the upper right corner when you’re finished to return to the course settings, or Cancel if you want to discard your changes.

When you’re done editing course settings, click Close in the upper right corner to return to your course outline.

Turn Off Block Entrance Animations

By default, non-text blocks animate smoothly into view as learners scroll through block lessons, but you can turn the animations off if you prefer. Just move the Block Entrance Animations switch to the Off position at the bottom of your theme settings.

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