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Add Stock Images to a Course

How to access stock images and what blocks support them

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 Applies to these roles: Author, Reporter, Admin  

Choose photos and illustrations from 12+ million stock images and add them to your Rise courses with one click. All assets are royalty-free, with no attribution required. Keep reading or watch this quick video summary.

How to Add Stock Images to a Course

  1. In any lesson or block that supports images, click the camera icon or the Add Images button, then select Search Content Library from the menu that appears. If your lesson or block already has an image, click the Edit link, then select Replace from Content Library.

  2. When the browser opens, type a search term and press Enter on your keyboard. 

Want to search for terms in a language other than English? You can’t specify a language when searching for media, but non-English search terms will often give you good results. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, try using the English equivalent for more results.

  1. The content type defaults to photos, but you can switch to illustrations. Just use the Content Type drop-down menu in the upper right corner to make a selection.

  2. Zoom in and out while you’re browsing images by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and scrolling your mouse wheel. (Note that this zooms your entire web browser, not just your search results.)

  3. Click the image you want to use, and Rise inserts it into your lesson.

Lessons and Blocks That Support Stock Images

Rise supports stock images in quiz lessons and these block types:

  • Quote

  • Image

  • Gallery

  • Interactive: accordion, tabs, labeled graphic, process, timeline, scenario, flashcard grid, and flashcard stack

  • Knowledge check

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