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Manage Your Course Settings

View your course list, modify settings, and publish courses

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The Courses section of the Manage tab is where you view your account’s course list, view course settings, and publish courses. Keep reading to learn more.

Managing Courses

The Courses tab lists all of the courses in your account library, sorted by the date they were last updated. Unpublished courses are at the top of the list, followed by courses with submitted changes. The total number of courses and enrollees you currently have in your account is above the list. 

Search the course list by using the search bar. From here you can also import third-party training. Click Export to download a spreadsheet containing the ID (for support purposes), title, owner, number of enrolled learners, and date of last activity for each course (the exported file reflects any filters you've applied to the list).

Click the titles to view and publish courses.

If your team has premium content sources enabled, you'll also see Rise and Next Big Idea Club tabs.

Viewing Courses

Hover over a course in the list and click the eye icon that appears. You’re provided two choices: Current Published Version and Latest Submitted Version (if there’s a pending update). Selecting an option opens the course in a separate tab.

Exploring Course Details

Click a course in the list to see the course details. Here you can see which groups and learners are enrolled in the course, access the course report, manage publish settings, manage collaborators, and more. Click the arrow next to the course title to return to the full course list.

Enrollee Numbers

Under the course title, you’ll see the number of learners enrolled in the course. This count includes group members and individual learners.

View the Course

Just like you can from the course list, view the last published or latest submitted version of the course by clicking View Course

View the Course Report

Click View Report to see the course report in the Reports tab. 

Delete the Course

Click Remove and verify your decision to cancel all enrollments and delete the course from the library. This completely removes the current published version from the library and discards any pending submitted changes. If users were enrolled, the Course Deleted tag is added to the relevant course report and activity report entries. 

The author must submit the course and the course be published for it to appear again in the library. A re-published course does not retain the statistics of its removed version.

Select and Remove Topics

The Library Topics section lists all topics assigned to the current course. Click Choose Topic to access the available course topics. Use the search bar in the pop-up menu to filter your results. Select as many topics as apply and click the X to close the pop-up window.

Remove an already-added topic by clicking its X icon.

Managing Publish Settings

The dashboard for each course provides easy access to its publish settings.

From here you can:

  1. Use the Status switch to take a published course offline or make it live. This section also displays the date the course was last modified.

  2. Modify the completion requirements and course duration as well as toggle the celebration and certificate settings.

  3. Modify the default due date period, make the course visible in the library, and add or remove the course from multiple libraries.

If there are pending updates, a Publish Updates button will display here as well. For more information on publish settings, click here.

Adding and Removing Groups

An easy way to enroll lots of learners at once is by adding a group. Click the Add Group button (or the Enroll Groups button if there aren’t any groups enrolled in the course).

In the enrollment window, you'll see the groups already enrolled in the course and can select additional groups. Once you’ve selected all the groups you’d like to add, click Enroll Groups. Select a group to see its members in the People tab. Use the Everyone group if you want all current and new users to be enrolled in a course automatically. This course is available to users even if they're excluded from the library it's in.

Note: Zero-member groups don't display on the groups tab. When you add at least one learner to a group, they're automatically enrolled in the course and the group displays.

Remove a group from a course by hovering over its entry and clicking Remove.

Adding and Removing Learners

To enroll individual learners in a course, select the Learners tab and click the Add Learners button (or the Enroll Learners button if there aren’t any learners enrolled in the course).

In the enrollment window, start typing a name. A pop-up automatically returns learners’ names as you type. Click a name to select it and add the learner to the list. Once your list is complete, click Enroll Learners.

Remove a learner from a course by hovering over their entry and clicking Remove.

Please note, individual learners that are part of groups added to a course are not listed on the Learners tab.

Adding and Removing Collaborators

To manage collaborators for a published course (or a course that's been submitted for publication), select the Collaborators tab (if the course has been deleted from your library, this tab will be empty). The course owner and any existing course managers and collaborators are listed. Click the Add Collaborators button to add additional collaborators.

In the enrollment window, start typing a name. A pop-up automatically returns learners’ names as you type. Click a name to select it and add the learner to the list. Once your list is complete, click Enroll Collaborators. You can change collaborators’ roles by hovering over their entry and selecting it from the Role drop-down menu. Learn more about collaborator roles here. Remove a collaborator from a course by hovering over their entry and clicking Remove.

Transferring Course Ownership

To assign a course manager or collaborator as the new owner of a course, hover over the current course owner and click Transfer ownership. Then, select the new owner from the list of collaborators and click Transfer.

Note: You can remove a course owner as a collaborator only after you've transferred ownership of the course. The new course owner is listed as the author in the library when the course is republished.

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