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How to modify your subdomain, upload a logo, and more
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 Applies to these roles: Owner, Admin  

The Settings section of the Manage tab is where admins can modify account-wide settings like organizational information, company logo, and subdomain name. Let's go through each tab.


The account tab is where you make changes to company info and account-wide settings.

Upload Logo

Click the Upload Logo button to choose an image from your computer to use as your account logo. Just like that, your logo is updated throughout Rise and at the top of all emails.

Pro Tip: Before you upload, make sure you remove as much whitespace as possible from around your logo before uploading the image. Your image should be about 35px high. If you’re using a transparent background, your image file should be saved as a PNG.

Company Name and Time Zone

Enter your company name and time zone.

Tip: Completion certificates use the name you enter in the Company Name field.

Brand Color

Select the default accent color for your account with Brand Color. Either select one of the default colors or choose your own (or enter the RGB value) in the color selector that appears when you click Custom. You'll see the selected color across Rise in your logo, buttons, even the favicon.


If you're an owner, you'll see the option to use a subdomain or a custom domain of your choosing. This URL is where users access your site.

If you change your subdomain, users accessing the previous subdomain are automatically redirected to your new subdomain for thirty days. After thirty days, the previous subdomain is released and can be reused by anyone.

Tip: Subdomains can only contain letters, numbers, and hyphens.

Default Role

When you add new users to your site, they can either be learners or authors by default. Learn more about collaborator roles here.

Premium Content Sources

Select this option to enable premium content sources; a complete self-serve library of professionally developed, high-quality, topical courses curated to fit individual learning goals. This also enables the learner topics and interests survey.

Developer Settings

The developer settings tab contains options that are more advanced and should only be used by those admins who are familiar with how these settings affect your account.

API Keys

Generate and manage already-generated API keys to use with the Rise API.

Click More settings to access additional customization settings for your account.

Customize Learner Welcome Email

Enter text in the Learner Welcome Email Message (Subject) field to customize the subject line of the auto-generated email sent when you invite new learners to your account.

In the Learner Welcome Email Message (Body) field, enter text to customize the body of the learner invitation email. Rise automatically adds the name of the admin that generated the invitation if you use the ${FROM_NAME} variable.

Both welcome email fields support plain, non-formatted text only. Neither field has a character limit.

Note: Only new users invited as learners receive customized emails. Users invited as authors, reporters, and admins receive the default invitation.

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