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Work With Premium Content Sources

How to enable premium content sources, manage premium content, and more

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Premium content sources is a complete self-serve library of professionally developed, high-quality, topical courses curated to fit individual learning goals. Once enabled, your team can self-enroll in curated training content based on their interests and job functions. Here’s how.

Enabling Premium Content Sources

When you first create a Rise team, you’ll have the option to enable premium content. Once enabled, the entire premium content library of professionally developed courses and partner-sourced content is available for all of your users to discover and use.

To enable or disable premium content sources, go to the manage tab and select Settings then click the Premium Content Sources toggle.

Note: This feature is available to all admins and affects all of your users. Coordinate with your team to ensure the feature isn’t enabled or disabled unintentionally.

When you enable premium content sources, users see additional rows on the Learn dashboard for popular and recently viewed courses, as well as relevant topic categories (see note).

The first time users log in after enabling premium content sources, they’re prompted to complete a brief survey about their role within the organization and select their topics of interest.

Managing Courses

With the feature enabled, courses are organized by source on the courses tab. Three tabs display in the course list: Team Library, which contains all the content your team creates, and Rise and Next Big Idea Club, where you manage premium content courses.

On the Rise tab, you’ll find all available courses arranged by category. These are the same courses available as real content course templates. Similarly, the Next Big Idea Club tab contains all of our partner content courses. Select a course title to view full course details and access course settings, the same as with courses you create.

Hiding Individual Courses

You can hide entire Rise topics or individual premium content courses with one click by hovering over the title in the course list and selecting Turn Visibility Off. You can also manage course visibility and availability from course settings like you would any other course.

Customizing Content

If you want to add your branding and content to a deployed premium content course, you can create a modified version to replace the stock version users see in the library.

Select a title in the course list and click Edit Course to add yourself as a collaborator and modify the content. While only admins can initiate direct editing of a premium content course, you can also add authors as collaborators. Editing a premium content course or adding collaborators also makes the publish settings available for modification.

Once you publish your changes, the modified version replaces the stock version of the content in your library and will no longer receive automatic content updates from Rise.

Note: Modifying a course from the Rise or Next Big Idea Club tab only changes how the premium content source version appears in the library. The original course template available to authors for course creation remains unchanged.

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