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Access Your Courses and Learning Paths
Access Your Courses and Learning Paths

How to find your assigned courses and add favorites

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 Applies to these roles: Learner, Author, Reporter, Admin  

The Learn tab is where you access courses and learning paths assigned to you, review completed courses, access your account library, and create a list of favorites.

Note: If your team has premium content sources enabled, the For You section displays when you select the Learn tab. Otherwise, you'll only see My Learning and Favorites.

For You

For You is where you'll find the content you're currently taking as well as a selection of courses based on your role and interests.

Your assigned content is in the Up Next list. Recently Viewed displays content you've most recently accessed. Popular lists trending courses for your organization. Below that, you'll see lists of courses sorted by interest, based on the topics you selected. You can adjust what topics appear here in the learner sidebar.

Learner Sidebar

Keep track of your assigned courses and more via the learner sidebar. Here you'll find your training statistics, selected topics, and assigned courses.

Modify your topic list by clicking Add and selecting or deselecting from the topic selection screen. Click Update when complete.

The number next to Assigned is the total number of courses in which you're enrolled. The list is ordered in descending order from most recently assigned. Only four courses are displayed by default. Click Show more to access the full list. Select a title in the list to start or resume a course.

My Learning

Under My Learning, you’ll see learning paths and courses in which you’re currently enrolled, you've self-enrolled, or have already completed. From here, you'll also be able to print certificates for completed courses.


By default, content on the In-Progress list is sorted by the date it’s due (or if nothing has a due date, the date you were enrolled), but you can also arrange content by enrollment date or title using the drop-down menu on the right.

On the title card for each learning path and course, you’ll see the cover image and title, how long it will take to complete on average, as well as its due date (provided one is assigned). If you’ve started a course or learning path, a progress bar displays on the cover image. At a glance, you can see how far through the course content you’ve progressed. Add it to the Favorites section by clicking the heart icon.


If you thought that the Completed tab is where you’d find all the courses you’ve completed, you’re right! Here, the title card displays your final quiz score (if applicable), the date you finished the course or learning path, and a link to your completion certificate. Add completed courses to the Favorites section by clicking the heart icon.

Tip: Completed courses and learning paths that you start again aren’t added back to your In-Progress list, but you can always find them under Completed.


To download a certificate for a course you've already completed, find the course in the completed section. If you've satisfied the course's completion requirements, click the Download Certificate link. If the link isn't available, then quiz requirements weren't met and you have no additional quiz attempts available or the course doesn't have a certificate.

Note: Not seeing a download link for a certificate that should be available? Reach out to the Rise admin for your team and ask them to download it for you.

About Course Due Dates

Administrators can assign due dates to courses and learning paths. They’re listed on the title card and cover page. If something doesn’t have an assigned due date, it’ll say that too. Due dates start counting down on the day you’re enrolled.

When you have fewer than 24 hours to complete a course or are overdue by less than a day, the due date changes to an hour counter. Once a course deadline has passed by more than 24 hours, the message displays by how many days the course is overdue. You’ll see this reflected in the course and learning path summaries as well. You can still complete overdue courses.


The Favorites section is a great place to save your favorites and access courses you find in the library. Here, you’ll find all of your favorited courses and learning paths, regardless of whether they’re completed or in progress.

To add content to your favorites, click the heart icon on a course or learning path’s title card. Remove items from your favorites by clicking the heart icon again.

Browse the Library

Access your account library by clicking Browse Library. There you’ll find all the content available to you. It’s also where you can favorite courses in which you haven’t been enrolled. Learn more here.

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