What is Rise?

Rise is an all-in-one, enterprise-class online training system that makes training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage. Rise simplifies training for everyone at your company: learners, content creators, and managers. Rise is the online training system your employees will love.

What do I get with a Rise subscription?

Rise is an all-in-one online training system that includes everything you need to create, share, manage, track, and analyze training. 

Rise includes authoring features that make it easy for anyone to create interactive, responsive training. You’ll have access to templates, sample courses, and hundreds of carefully researched, ready-to-go lessons on common business topics. You’ll also get more than 5 million royalty-free photos and images to add in your training.

Publish training content to your browsable library in Rise, which includes customizable categories so learners can find the training they need. Rise also lets you create guided learning paths, organize learners into groups, and enroll learners in training in seconds.

Rise includes activity, learner, and course reports that make it simple to analyze your training. Activity reports let you analyze learning activity by time frame, courses, people, and groups. Learner reports show you what training people have accessed, the time they’ve spent learning, lessons they’ve completed, and their quiz scores. Course reports let you see course enrollees, their progress, and due dates. Reporting is exportable to PDF and CSV.

With Rise, you get a secure enterprise-class training system that includes end-to-end data encryption, SSO, high availability, redundant data storage, disaster recovery, and robust privacy protections.

How much does a subscription cost?

We have several different plans based on user limits. Our annual Starter Plan that lets you have up to 100 people is $399 per month. Our annual Growth Plan that lets you have up to 250 people is $799 a month. Our annual Midsize Plan that lets you have up to 500 people is $1,299 per month. And our annual Large Plan that lets you have up to 1,000 people is $1,999 per month. Companies who would like to invite more than 1,000+ people can contact us for a quote on an Enterprise Plan. We offer discounts for multi-year subscriptions.

Do you offer monthly subscriptions?

Yes, we offer monthly plans that let you have up to 1,000 people. To see our monthly options, toggle to the monthly plans, or contact us to discuss your options.

Do you offer plans smaller than the Starter Plan?

The Starter Plan is our smallest plan. It provides up to 100 users, which includes all of your admins, reporters, authors, and learners. We understand that you might not max out your plan right away. We believe this gives you room to grow and the comfort of knowing you won't run out of spots for new users too quickly. And that means you have a predictable cost over time.

What happens to a user’s data when they leave my team?

When a user leaves your team, an admin can transfer the user’s courses to another team member or delete them. Reporting information stays intact for historical purposes. Learn more.

What happens to our data when our subscription expires?

When your subscription expires, we immediately remove your data from our servers, and it gets purged from our encrypted backups after six months.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

If you have a monthly plan, you may cancel your subscription at any time. You’ll have access to your data for the remaining days of your monthly subscription, and you won’t be charged for any additional months.

If you have an annual subscription, you can cancel within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. For subscription renewals, a 30-day grace period will also be honored for full refunds. 

What is your refund policy?

No refunds are available for monthly subscriptions. You can cancel an annual plan within 30 days of the original order or renewal to receive a full refund.

What’s the difference between user roles?

Rise has owner, admin, reporter, author, and learner roles. View this article on Rise roles to learn more about each one. Your sales rep can also talk to you about best practices on using Rise in your organization.

What user roles count towards my plan’s user limit? 

Everyone who uses Rise, whether it’s for taking training, creating training, or managing and analyzing training, counts towards your plan’s people limit. You can upgrade your plan anytime if you need to. Learn more about managing users and roles.

Can I upgrade my plan to include more people as needed?

You can add as many users as you’d like during the beta program.

When the beta program ends, you’ll have an additional 30 days to try Rise for free. This transition happens seamlessly, so you’ll still have access to all of your data during the free trial period.

If you choose to continue using Rise when your free trial ends, you can select a plan based on the number of users you need. And you can always upgrade to the next tier when you need to add more people to your account.

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