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Manage User Roles and Permissions
Manage User Roles and Permissions

Learn about roles and permissions, how to transfer team ownership, and why it's a good idea to add multiple admins to your team.

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In this article, you'll learn about roles and permissions in Rise accounts, how to transfer team ownership to someone else, and why it's a good idea to add multiple admins to your team.

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Understanding Roles

There are five types of users in a Rise account.

  • Owner: The person who purchased your Rise subscription is the owner and the only one who has access to billing management. The account owner is also an admin. To change the owner, please contact support.

  • Admin: Admins can create and publish courses as well as manage all users, groups, courses, and learning paths for your account. They can manage account settings and access reports. They can assign groups to reporters.

  • Reporter: Reporters can take, create, collaborate on, and submit courses for publication. They can also access automatically generated metrics either for groups as assigned or your entire account.

  • Author: Authors can take, create, collaborate on, and submit courses for publication. They don’t have access to any reports or administrative functions.

  • Learner: Learners can take courses and browse the library. 

Tip: All users are authors when you first add them to your Rise team (unless you specify otherwise or bulk-import them with specific roles). Here’s how to change their roles.

Understanding Permissions

Here are the tasks that can be performed in a Rise account and who has permission to do them. 







Take assigned courses

Self-enroll in courses

Modify your own user profile

Create, submit, and collaborate on courses

Delete courses you’ve created

Publish courses

Delete any published courses

Create and publish learning paths

Control visibility of content in the library

View all reports

Assign report permissions

View reports as assigned

Modify user names

Invite and delete users

Bulk-import users and groups via CSV file

Create, rename, and delete groups

Add users to groups

Change user roles

Create, rename, and delete topics

Generate API keys

Create new libraries

Enable premium content sources

Change your team's subdomain

Change your team’s URL to a custom domain

Make billing decisions

Transferring Account Ownership

Rise subscriptions can have multiple admins but only one owner. The owner is the person who purchased your Rise subscription and the only one who has access to billing management. 

The owner can't be deleted, but account ownership can be transferred to another team member. To start the transfer process, select Manage > Billing and click Transfer Ownership. Start typing the name of the admin that will be the new owner and select them from the list that displays. Click Done to complete the transfer.

Note: Until the new owner changes the billing details for your account, we’ll continue to use your current method of payment. Only the owner has access to billing details.

Designating a New Admin When None Are Reachable

We can't change your account roles or permissions. Only admins can add more admins to your team. 

We recommend adding multiple admins, even if they don't regularly perform account management tasks. They can be backup admins in situations when no one else is available.

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