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Work Through the Get Started Checklist
Work Through the Get Started Checklist

Every journey begins with a step. Your Rise journey starts with five.

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Applies to these roles: Admin  

Welcome to Rise! We’re glad you’re here. We know it can be daunting, getting your Rise account up and running. That’s why we have a handy checklist to help keep things moving. 

In the Manage tab, any admin can choose the Get Started tab to, well, get started. Once there, you’ll see your Getting Started Checklist. Complete this list to start getting the most out of Rise right away. It’s made up of five tasks: 

You’ll also see our introductory video, which walks you through the basics, at the bottom of the page.

Choose Subdomain

Surprise! You’ve already done this task! Since you selected a unique subdomain when you signed up for Rise, this task is automatically marked complete. If you need to change your subdomain, you can do that from the Settings tab.

Invite Admins and Authors

In this next task, you’ll add a few users. Users can be learners, authors, admins, or reporters (learn more about user roles here). Click the link to open the Add Users pop-up (also found on the People tab). Add a few users, choose their roles from the drop-down menu, and click to send their invites. You can see their invitation statuses on the Pending tab. If you or another admin already added users (either manually or via bulk import), this task will be marked complete.

Choose Accent Color

Now for the fun stuff. Pick a color, any color. No, really. We’ve selected a few that we think look great with Rise, but if you click Custom you can choose any color you’d like (and even enter hex codes if you want to get super-specific). The accent color option can also be found on the Settings tab.

Create and Publish Your First Course

You’ve invited a few users and you’ve rocked the accent color . . . now it’s time to get to work! (Well, it’s so easy to make courses in Rise, calling it “work” might be a stretch.) Click the link and you’ll be taken to a new blank course. Customize it however you’d like, add some content, and make it your own! To start, you (or any other user) have to create a course with at least one lesson that contains content.

Then you'll need to publish your course so your learners can enjoy it! As an admin, you can do that as part of its creation. If you aren’t ready to publish your own course, you can also click the link to go to the Courses tab, and choose to publish any submitted course to your library. Once you or any other admin publishes a course, this task is checked off!

Enroll Learners

Once you have a course, the final step is to enroll learners! You can add them to your course individually or as part of a group. Either way, once they’re assigned to your course, that’s it, your checklist is done!

That’s it! Thirty days after you've completed the last task, the Get Started checklist will automatically disappear.

Now that you’ve tackled the basics, go forth and start making amazing things. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store. 

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