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What reports are available in Rise?

Rise helps you manage your account by automatically generating these reports. Click the links to learn more.

  • Learning Path Reports: Find out how your learners are progressing on a specific learning path.

  • Course Reports: View all learner activity for a specific course.

  • Learner Reports: See how each user is doing in their enrolled courses.

  • Activity Report: View all learning activity for your entire team, including courses taken, durations, and quiz scores.

What’s the difference between the reporter and admin roles in Rise?

Reporters have access to reports. Admins have access to reports and all administrative functions, including managing users, courses, and learning paths. Learn more about roles.

What data does the reporter role have access to? Can I limit what they see?

By default, reporters have access to all learning path, course, user, and activity reports for your account. However, you can assign them to only have access to data for specific groups.

Does Rise offer question-level reporting?

Yes. Reports are available at the question and individual learner levels. To learn more, click here.

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