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How To Direct Link to Courses
How To Direct Link to Courses

Learn how to deep-link to a course in Rise.

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Rise provides a holistic experience, giving learners easy access to all courses in which they're enrolled. They can also curate their own course list by browsing the library and creating a list of favorites.

There are times, however, when you need learners to focus and take one specific course. Maybe you have a company portal (like Sharepoint) and want to add it to their personal landing page. Or maybe you have a form letter that you send to learners. Either way, deep-linking to a course is a simple process.

From the Rise learn tab, click Browse Library and select the course to which you'd like to link.

Tip: Can't see the course in the library? If library visibility is off, you'll have to enroll yourself first.

Once the course's start page loads, select and copy the URL. This URL is all you need when creating a hyperlinked record on your company portal, in an email, or any other deliverable.

Once the direct link is created, it's a simple matter of ensuring your learners are enrolled in the course. When they click the link and sign in to Rise (if they're not signed in already), they'll be taken directly to the course's start page.

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