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Invite New Users to Rise When They Fill Out a Google Form
Invite New Users to Rise When They Fill Out a Google Form

New users can self-enroll in Rise via an online form with this Zap

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Applies to these roles: Admin

Wouldn’t it be nice if new Rise learners could invite themselves to your Rise team? This Google Forms to Rise Zap automatically registers new users in Rise when they fill out a form you’ve created.

Note: You can substitute popular form apps like Gravity Forms to obtain similar results. Consult the Zapier help available for your selected app to make sure there aren’t additional steps.

  1. Select Google Forms as your triggering app.

  2. Select New Response in Spreadsheet for your trigger and click Continue.

  3. Select your linked Google account and click Continue.

  4. Choose the spreadsheet populated by your form responses from the Spreadsheet drop-down menu. Then select the appropriate Worksheet and click Continue.

  5. Select a recent entry from a new user from the drop-down menu, then click Test Trigger, then click Continue.

  6. For the action app, select Rise.

  7. Select Create Invitation from the action event list and click Continue.

  8. Connect to your Rise team and click Continue.

  9. Select the corresponding data from the drop-down menu for the email and user roles. You can also customize the invitation by including the user’s name and specifying a group (and reporting group if you’re adding reporters) into which they’ll be assigned once they accept your invite. Click Continue when you’re ready.

    Note: The email and name data you see when building your template won’t carry over into your final Zap. Each invite will display the specific data from each form entry.

  10. Review your template, then click Test & Continue to try it out. If successful, the user should receive an email invitation to Rise and you’ll see a pending invitation on the People tab.

    Note: This Zap works for new users only. If you create the template with an email address that already exists in your Rise team, an error message will display with further details.

  11. If there are any issues, or you want to modify your template, go back to the previous step and make changes. Once you’re happy, click Turn on Zap.

And that’s it! Now, whenever a new user fills out your form in Google Forms, Rise will send them an invitation to join.

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