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Where to Find Transferred Content
Where to Find Transferred Content

Looking for courses, block templates, and custom lable sets you inherited from previous authors? Here's where they live!

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The article applies to: Authors, Reporters, Admins

When someone leaves a Rise account, an admin transfers that user’s content to another team member. The new course owner has full control over the transferred content, including courses, label sets, and block templates. Here’s what the new owner sees.


On the Create tab, you’ll see a new folder in the sidebar named after the user who left your team, as shown below. We call this folder the “transfer folder.”

If the user didn’t have any courses, you won’t see a transfer folder on your dashboard. And if the user had transfer folders from previous team members, you’ll see multiple transfer folders in your account, one for each user.

In the transfer folder, you’ll see all the user’s courses organized into sections (or subfolders). Each section represents a folder from the previous owner’s account. Click the ellipsis (•••) on any course to see all the options for managing that course. For example, you might move the course from the transfer folder to another folder in your account. Learn more about managing courses.

Here are some tips for working with transferred courses:

  • You can’t move courses into the transfer folder; you can only move courses out of it.

  • You can’t rename the transfer folder, but you can delete it. Hover over it in the sidebar and click the Delete icon that appears. When you delete the transfer folder, all the courses in it move to your Deleted Courses folder. Then you can restore or permanently delete them.

  • Any courses that the previous owner didn’t assign to folders appear at the top of the transfer folder in the No Folder section.

  • The previous owner’s deleted courses are in the transfer folder too. They appear at the bottom of the page in the Deleted Courses section. You can restore or permanently delete these courses.
    To restore, click the ellipsis (•••) on the course card and choose either Move to and select the folder where you'd like to restore the course or Remove from folder to immediately move it to your All Courses container.

  • When you duplicate a course in the transfer folder, the copy appears in your All Courses container.

  • Courses are sorted into folders (sections) by default. You can use the Sort By drop-down in the upper right corner to change the order. (The Folder Sort option is only available when you’re in a transfer folder.)

Custom Label Sets

The previous owner’s custom label sets also get transferred to your account. You’ll find them in your course settings. Learn more about text labels.

Block Templates

You have full control of all shared and personal block templates created by the user who left your team. You’ll see Edit and Delete icons when you hover over these block templates. Learn more about block templates.

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