Here are the latest features for Rise. Because Rise is a web app, there's nothing to install. New features are immediately available. 

Manage Course Collaborators

Admins can add and remove course collaborators directly from course details.

Categories: Managing

Released: August 19, 2021

Multiple Rise Libraries

Create completely separate course libraries in Rise. Perfect for when you want to give different groups of people, such as external partners, access to a limited set of courses.

Categories: Platform

Release: May 4, 2021

Business Content Courses

We’ve combined our business content lessons into 55 real content courses covering topics such as Career Management, Communication, Leadership, Project Management, Stress Management, Team Management, and Time Management.

Categories: Authoring

Release: April 30, 2021

Question-level Reporting

Know how your learners answered each question so that you can refine training to meet their needs.

Categories: Reporting

Release: April 8, 2021

Next Big Idea Club Content

Help your team reach their highest potential with life-changing, ready-to go training content from the world’s most brilliant luminaries. Offered in partnership with the Next Big Idea Club, these courses feature videos from the authors themselves, who share their insights directly with learners.

Categories: Authoring

Release: April 6, 2021

Content-Focused Authoring Experience

Quickly create courses from our extensive collection of modular, fully customizable lessons and exclusive partner content.

Categories: Authoring

Release: April 6, 2021

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