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How to move from to Reach 360 and how the apps differ

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This article describes how to transition from to Reach 360.

Choosing Articulate 360

With an Articulate 360 Teams subscription, your team gets access to the award-winning Storyline 360 and Rise 360 apps, millions of stock assets, a project review tool to collect feedback, and online training led by industry experts. The subscription also includes exclusive collaboration features, like shared templates in Storyline 360 and courses that can be created and edited at the same time in Rise 360.

Reach 360 is a frictionless LMS to distribute training content quickly and easily. It was built to do a different job: help modern organizations deliver fast-moving/fast-changing training content that needs to get to learners quickly. Reach 360 is a simple way to train more learners. If you're a admin, you'll find that it provides a very familiar experience.

Together, you get even more advanced course creation tools, collaborative reviewing, plus the easy user management, reporting, and content distribution you've come to expect from

Switching to Reach 360

Keep Your Content

All of your team's published training, including imported content, is preserved in Reach 360 after switching from Premium content that you enabled in your library won't be retained. But don't worry—you can publish those courses again from Rise 360.

You can also choose whether to keep all of the courses your authors have in their Create tab or just your published training. For both options, content associated with an author can be found in Rise 360 after the switch.

Note: Designate an Articulate 360 user to receive authored content from authors who don't have a seat on your Articulate 360 Team subscription.

Seamless Reporting

All user and content reports are preserved. After you switch to Reach 360, you'll see new reporting as well as all previous reporting for those items when you publish updates to your content.

Robust User Management

You’ll now manage all of your non-learners in Articulate 360. Add admins, managers, and reporters from the Manage Reach 360 tab, and they’ll access Reach 360 right from their Articulate 360 dashboard. Authors will become learners in Reach 360.

Learners will go directly to your Reach 360 URL to log in just like they did for In fact, your URL will redirect to your new Reach 360 URL automatically. Add authors to seats on your Articulate 360 team so they can continue to edit and create content.

If you manage your organization with SSO, learners will continue to log in with your original SSO after migration. Our technical account managers can walk your network administrators through the simple changes needed for your IdP. Admins, managers, and reporters will log in to Articulate 360, which requires separate SSO management.


Can I keep using after I switch to Reach 360?

No. Once we convert your site to Reach 360, we won't be able to restore previous functionality.

Will my address change?

Yes. Once converted to Reach 360, your subdomain address will end with instead of But don't worry; anyone using your address will automatically be redirected to Reach 360. If you change your subdomain after migration, the original URL will redirect for 30 days from that point forward.

Will everyone keep their same roles?

Everyone in your subscription will be assigned the learner role upon migration to Reach 360. Admins and reporters must be given the appropriate permissions in the Articulate 360 Teams dashboard. Additionally, any current authors must be assigned a seat on your Articulate 360 team in order to author content in Rise 360 and Storyline 360.

Do I need to have an Articulate 360 subscription to use Reach 360?

Yes. Reach 360 is included as part of your Articulate 360 Teams subscription. You'll start with 300 annual active learner spots but can easily upgrade to more.

How does Articulate 360 with Reach 360 compare to

Reach 360 is built from the same technology that you love. However, the creation and collaboration experiences in Articulate 360 are far more robust. Articulate 360 has two authoring solutions: Storyline 360 for complex, interactive training, and Rise 360, which is most similar to the authoring experience. You'll also enjoy collaborative content reviews with Review 360.

Reach 360 is where you'll find your training libraries, learner management, and reporting, similar to

Articulate 360 Teams with Reach 360

What is it?

Articulate 360 Teams with Reach 360 is a full-featured content creation platform and frictionless LMS with easy user management and robust reporting.

It's an all-in-one, enterprise-class system. is an online training system that makes training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage.

It's an all-in-one, enterprise-class system.

What can it host?

Easily create courses,

microlearning, and other training content in Storyline 360 and Rise 360. Then publish content with the click of a button to Reach 360 or export for your third-party LMS or to the web.

Import content from third-party apps.

Easily create courses, guides, and other training content right in

Transfer content from Rise 360 with the click of a button.

Import content from third-party apps.

Delivery & Enrollment


Learning Paths

Training Library/Catalog

Reporter Role

Manager Role

Authoring Capabilities

  • Advanced, trigger-based interactive training

  • Focused, single-lesson training (microlearning)

Manage Users with SSO

  • Manage Learners and Groups with SCIM

Custom Learner Profile Fields

Drag and Drop Content Management

Question Banks

Prebuilt Business Content

Sample Courses


Direct Content Sharing

Custom Certificates

In-app Content Reviews

WCAG Compliance

Export Options (SCORM, xAPI, AICC, web)

Training-specific Self-Registration

User Profile

Business users who want to create formal and informal training

Instructional designers and e-learning developers

Business users who want to create formal and informal training

Instructional designers and e-learning developers

Billing Options

Annual, multi-year

Monthly, annual, multi-year

Pricing Model

Articulate 360: Licenses per seatholder, based on number of authors.

Reach 360: 300 included active learners based on monthly training activity, flexible active learner pricing available over 300.

Tiered plans based on number of people (in price bands) added to the system

Does Reach 360 support SSO?

Yes! Like, Reach 360 supports SSO for learners. Articulate 360 also supports SSO for Teams. For assistance with transitioning SSO from to Reach 360, contact the team at

Can I try Reach 360 before I migrate from

Definitely! Feel free to start a trial and experience everything that you'll get with an Articulate 360 subscription. Keep in mind that any data you upload to Reach 360 during your trial will be overwritten during migration.

What happens to my content and reports from

All of your learners, group memberships, content (published and unpublished), enrollments, and reporting will be preserved. Your content is in a folder labeled on your Rise 360 dashboard. Your reports are preserved in Reach 360.

All premium content library content is available in Rise 360 to personalize and deploy to Reach 360 but can't be turned on with one click as a full library.

Are training collaborators preserved when content is transferred to Reach 360?

Collaborators must be on the same Articulate 360 Team as training owners to maintain collaboration status. If they have a seat on a different team or don't have a seat at all, their collaboration status isn't preserved.

Will self-registration links generated in still work after migration?

Self-registration links will continue to work after you migrate to Reach 360 for as long as is supported by Articulate. However, we recommend generating fresh links once the migration is complete.

Does Reach 360 have reports similar to Is there a reporter role?

Reach 360 has all the same reports as, and admins have full access to the Analyze tab. users who aren't designated as Articulate 360 admins become learners in Reach 360. Yes, the reporter role is part of Reach 360.

Will learners be able to use the same login credentials after migration?

Learner login credentials may be reset when migrating to Reach 360. If this happens, they'll be prompted to create a new password.

How do I get help?

Need help logging in? Wondering how to access your apps? Looking for additional training? Articulate 360 users have access to our award-winning support, including and extensive knowledge base and the friendly faces from the Rise Happiness team, plus our E-Learning Heroes community forum. Get more info by following this link:

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