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Webinar: Getting Started with Rise
Webinar: Getting Started with Rise

Check out this on-demand video training for everything Rise

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Want to discover everything Rise has to offer? Our Training team conducted this live webinar that covers everything from taking courses, to content creation, to analyzing reports, to managing Rise itself.

Watch from the beginning to learn about everything Rise has to offer, or jump directly to specific content using the following timestamp map.

  • 00:00 Introduction

  • 01:00 Choose topics for Premium Content

  • 02:12 Dashboard: Overview

  • 03:34 Browse Library

  • 03:38 Disable Premium Content

  • 05:27 Learn tab: Overview

  • 14:45 Create tab: Overview

  • 15:47 Create: Templates

  • 19:22 Create: Lessons

  • 20:55 Create: Blank course

  • 33:44 Create: Themes

  • 46:16 Manage tab: Overview

  • 52:22 Analyze tab: Overview

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