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Get Notified in Gmail When Learners Complete Courses in Rise
Get Notified in Gmail When Learners Complete Courses in Rise

A helpful Zap to notify admins by Gmail when learners complete a course

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Applies to these roles: Admin

Rise sends the learner an email notification when they complete a course, but wouldn’t it be handy if admins could be notified as well? You can do just that when you use this Rise to Gmail Zap!

You can easily customize the linked Zap or build your own to send an email with a different email app. Here’s how we made it.

  1. Select Rise as your triggering app.

  2. Select Course Completed for your trigger and click Continue.

    Note: This includes courses completed as part of a learning path but not completed learning paths.

  3. Select your linked Rise account from the drop-down menu, then click Test Trigger.

  4. As long as a course has been completed in your linked Rise account, you’ll have a number of course completion triggers to choose from (if not, you’ll want to complete a course so that you have data to pull from in the next section). Select any one of them (we’ll use it to build the email template in the next step) and click Continue.

  5. For the action app, select Gmail (you can also use an alternate email service).

  6. Select Send Email from the action event list.

  7. Once you sign in to your Gmail account, you can start building your email template. Enter your email address in the From field, then use the data provided by your Rise completion to create the subject…

    ...and body of the email.

    Click Continue when you’re finished building your template.

    Note: The learner and course data you see when building your template won’t carry over into your final Zap. Each email will display the specific data for each course completion.

  8. Review your email template, then click Test & Continue to try it out. If successful, you should see an email like this in your Gmail inbox.

  9. If there are any issues, or you want to modify your template, go back to the previous step and make changes. Once you’re happy with your final email template, click Turn on Zap.

And that’s it! Now, whenever a learner finishes a course in Rise, you’ll receive an email record.

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