Favorites API

Get a list of the courses in users' Favorites with these API endpoints

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What This API Endpoint Does

With the Favorites API you can retrieve a list of courses and learning paths a user has saved to their Favorites list.


  • GET /users/{userId}/favorites - list courses and learning paths in a user's Favorites

List a User's Favorites

GET /users/{userId}/favorites

Request Parameters (Query String)

  • limit (integer, optional) - the maximum number of results to return in a single response (see Pagination); must be between 1 and 100 (defaults to 50)

Example Response

"userUrl": "https://api.rise.com/users/example-user-id-1",
"favorites": [
"completedAt": "2020-11-15T19:19:19.019Z",
"courseId": "example-course-id",
"courseUrl": "https://api.rise.com/courses/example-course-id",
"coverImageUrl": "https://images.riseusercontent.com/versions/example-version-id/image-name.jpg",
"estimatedTimeToCompleteMs": "360000",
"estimatedTimeToCompleteMs": "360000",
"hasCertificateDownload": true,
"learnUrl": "https://example.rise.com/learn/course/example-course-id",
"learningPathId": null,
"learningPathUrl": null,
"numberOfCourses": null,
"numberOfLessons": 5,
"progressPercent": 40,
"quizScorePercent": null,
"title: "Example Course Title",
"type": "course",
"completedAt": "2020-11-17T19:19:19.019Z",
"courseId": null,
"courseUrl": null,
"coverImageUrl": "https://images.riseusercontent.com/lp-cover-photos/example-learning-path-id/image-name.jpg",
"estimatedTimeToCompleteMs": "3600000",
"hasCertificateDownload": false,
"learnUrl": "https://example.rise.com/learning-path/example-learning-path-id",
"learningPathId": "example-learning-path-id",
"learningPathUrl": "/learning-paths/example-learning-path-id",
"numberOfCourses": 1,
"numberOfLessons": null,
"progressPercent": 100,
"quizScorePercent": 85,
"title": "Example Learning Path Title",
"type": "learning-path",
}, ...
"nextUrl": "https://url-for-next-page-of-results"

Endpoint-specific error codes:

  • user_not_found - can't list user's favorites because the user does not exist

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