In these on-demand webinars, you’ll learn the essential parts of the author's experience on Rise, from using the dashboard to submitting your courses for publishing.

Rise 101

In this webinar, we’ll do a brief overview of the Learn, Create, Manage, and Reports areas in Rise. You’ll learn helpful tips and tricks, whether you’re just getting started with Rise, or you need a refresher on how to manage your account.

Adding Multimedia

Draw learners into your Rise courses with rich and engaging media. You’ll learn how simple it is to add multimedia blocks like audio, video, images, and attachments to your courses.

Adding Interactivity

Create lean-forward learning moments in courses. Learn how to use built-in interactions and interactive block types to build more engaging projects fast.

How to Add Quizzes and Assessments

See what learners know with knowledge checks and quizzes that help them build their skills. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create both unscored knowledge checks and quiz lessons in Rise.

How to Quickly Create a Course in Rise

The business lessons, templates, and sample courses are designed to be beautiful and easy to use, but you can still add your own creative spin! In this session, we’ll review what’s included with the business lessons, templates, and samples, and how to work with them.

Customizing and Branding Your Courses

See how easy it is to brand your courses. You’ll learn tips for customizing colors and fonts throughout your course, and tips for customizing the look and feel of blocks.

Adding Interactive Scenarios

Easily add branching scenarios to your courses with the scenario block. We’ll walk through choosing characters and adding dialogue, responses, and feedback to create a compelling and interactive scenario.

Time-Saving Tips for Working in Rise

Follow these time-saving tips to transform even the dullest of topics into effective learning experiences that entice and engage learners.

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