We're constantly working to give you the best Rise API experience possible. Here's what's currently planned and what's in development for Rise API. For already-released API features, check out the Changelog.

In Development

Training Enrollment Webhooks

Trigger actions in other applications when learners are enrolled in training.

Course Submitted for Publishing Webhook

Keep abreast of the email notifications sent when courses are submitted for publishing.


Overdue Training Webhook

See when learners are sent “course due” and “course overdue” email notifications.

Training Added to Library Webhook

Know when learners are sent email notifications of courses added to their libraries.

Updated Training Webhook

Know when emails are sent notifying users of updated training.

List Enrollments API

Get information on who’s enrolled in courses and learning paths in your account.

Delete Users by ID

Quickly delete users from your account using their user ID.

Delete Groups by ID

Quickly delete groups from your account using their group ID.

Update Users by ID

Update users in your account using their user ID.

Update Groups by ID

Update groups in your account using their group ID.

Webhooks Admin Interface

New settings page for creating and managing your webhooks.

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