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How to generate and manage API keys

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This article applies to: Owners, Admins

To use the Rise API, you need API keys. Once generated, API keys give you access to the API and let us help you out in the event something’s not working right. Creating them is quick and easy to do! Here’s how.

Step 1: Generate API Keys

API keys provide access to the Rise API. A best practice is to generate a key for each app or integration you’re using. That way, if there’s an issue with a particular implementation, you can delete it without undoing all your API work.

Note: Once you receive a generated key, it’s important to save it in a secure file or application. Treat it like a password. You can only see generated keys when they’re created.

  1. Navigate to Manage > Settings.

  2. Click Manage API Keys.

  3. Click Generate New Key.

  4. Enter a name for your key. This can be anything you like, but we recommend that it reflect the name of the application or integration the key is to be used for. Click Generate Key.

  5. Copy the new API key that displays. This will be your only chance to copy the key. If you navigate away from this page before copying the key, you’ll have to delete it and generate a new key. Treat it like you would a password. Rise Support will never ask for your API key.

    Note: While Rise also sends notification emails to you and the account owner when each API key is created, these emails don't contain the API key.

  6. Save your new API key to a secure file or application. Treat it like a password.

  7. Add as many API keys as you need, copying and saving them as they’re generated.

  8. Go back to Settings when you’re done generating keys.

Step 2: Manage API Keys

Once your API keys are generated, you can get usage information about each one and delete them if necessary. See all the keys generated for your account by selecting the Manage > Settings tab and clicking Manage API Keys.

The API Keys page lists your generated API keys, when (and by whom) they were generated, and the last time they were used. You can’t access API key values. You can only see an API key’s value when it’s generated.

Revoke individual API keys by clicking the trash can icon that appears when you hover over the entry. It’s revoked once you click I Understand, Revoke This Key to confirm.

You can also revoke all generated API keys at once by clicking Revoke All. You’ll need to enter DELETE and click Revoke All to confirm.

Note: When you revoke an API key, the applications and integrations using it will no longer be able to access the Rise API. You can’t recover revoked API keys.

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