The following video tutorials demonstrate the essential parts of the author's experience on Rise, from using the dashboard to submitting your courses for publishing. 

Use the Create Dashboard to Manage Courses 

How to manage your courses using the dashboard.

Create New Courses 

How to create a new blank course in Rise.

Outline a Course with Section Headers and Lesson Titles 

Learn how to outline a course and organize lessons into sections.

Choose Lesson and Block Types 

How to add lessons as well as definitions for each block type.

Add Text and Media 

How to add content to your course

Create a Course With Business Content Lessons 

How to use Business Content lessons to quickly create a course.

Create a Course With Templates 

Here's how to quickly create courses using our pre-built templates.

Create a Course With Samples 

Use one of our sample courses to quickly add content to your library.

Personalize the Course Theme 

How to make your course your own with custom colors, fonts, and images.

Control Course Navigation 

How to restrict navigation, hide the sidebar, turn off search, and more.

Translate Your Course 

Learn how to export and re-import your course for translation.

Edit Text Labels 

How to translate built-in course elements like buttons and headers.

Preview a Course 

You can preview a Rise course at any time to see how it looks. It’s simple, responsive, interactive, and contextual.

Submit a Course for Publishing 

How to submit or self-publish a course.

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