These Rise features have been approved for development, but progress hasn't started yet. Stay tuned for details!

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Allow all users to access carousel blocks and process interactions with improved keyboard navigation and screen reader support.

Categories: Accessibility

Accessible Drag-and-Drop Interactions

Everyone can enjoy matching drag-and-drop interactions and sorting activities with full keyboard accessibility, intuitive navigation, and screen reader support.

Categories: Accessibility

Accessible Scenario Blocks

Add alt text to scenario block images so they're fully accessible to screen reader users.

Categories: Accessibility

Accessible Flashcards

Keyboard-only users and screen reader users can now explore flashcard interactions.

Categories: Accessibility

Autoplay Media

Allow audio and video to autoplay when users view your content.

Categories: Authoring

Media Library

Use persistent libraries to share your uploaded media with other members of your team, just like block templates!

Categories: Authoring

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