These Rise features have been approved for development, but progress hasn't started yet. Stay tuned for details!

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Multiple Rise Libraries

Create completely separate course libraries in Rise. Perfect for when you want to give different groups of people, such as external partners, access to a limited set of courses.

Categories: Platform

Slack Integration

Integrate Rise directly with your favorite team communication app. This lets you receive Rise notifications directly in Slack and more. 

Categories: Integrations

Media Library

Use persistent libraries to share your uploaded media with other members of your team, just like block templates!

Categories: Authoring

Question-level Reporting

Know how your learners answered each question so that you can refine training to meet their needs.

Categories: Reporting

Custom Interface Labels

Customize or localize the Rise UI by importing your own label sets. With customizable label sets, it’s simple to translate the Rise UI into another language or simply update the terminology to make it your own.  

Categories: Managing

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