How to Submit Feature Requests

Have an idea for Rise? Here's how to let us know.

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Applies to these roles: Learner, Author, Reporter, Admin 

Do you have a suggestion for new features you’d like to see added to Rise? Well, we’d love to hear from you! Your feature requests help us understand what would be useful to you.

Submitting a Request

It’s easy to submit a request. Start a conversation using the chat support button in Rise or send an email to

What Happens Next

  1. Feature requests start with our Customer Happiness Specialists. First, we check if there’s already a way to do what you’re asking. If there is, we let you know. If not, we go to step 2.

  2. We consider the value this potential new feature would offer to our customers. We ask ourselves:

    Will this feature meaningfully improve the experience of working with Rise?
    Will it benefit a majority of users?

    If we agree the answer is yes!, we bring the request to our product development team.

  3. Our development team evaluates feature requests alongside their queue of bug fixes, new features already on the road map, and other projects. If a new feature makes it onto the road map, our team designs, develops, and tests it. And when it’s ready, we share the good news!

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