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Sample courses provide ready-to-use training on a wide variety of common business topics. They’re customizable, just like your regular Rise courses, and are the fastest way for you to add content to your library.  You can find pre-built content on the Create New dashboard.

Here’s how they work. 

  1. On the Create tab, click the New Course button and select Samples

  2. When the sample courses library opens, you’ll see all available sample courses, sorted alphabetically by topic and title. Use the search field to quickly find samples by title or topic. Each tile contains a short course description, as well as how many lessons it contains, and approximately how long it will take the average learner to finish. Please note, this value has been calculated manually and may be different from the automatically calculated duration value you see when you submit or publish a course.

  3. To preview a sample, hover over the card and click Preview Course. The preview launches in a new tab. Close the tab to return to the course samples library.

  4. Hover over a sample and click Start With This Course to add a copy to your Create tab. 

Sample courses are complete and ready to use right out of the box. Just substitute your company name for the sample company’s and customize the course settings to add your own logo and branding. 

For a list of currently available sample courses, click here.

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