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When a Course Communicates Completion
When a Course Communicates Completion

Details on completion requirements

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Applies to these roles: Author, Reporter, Admin 

Rise courses are considered complete as soon as learners meet the completion requirement you set when you submit a course for publishing. You can choose one or both of the following: 

  • When the learner has viewed a specific percentage of the course. This is measured per lesson and is satisfied when the last required lesson is completed. For example, if you have a 10-lesson course and set the course completion tracking to 50 percent, the completion requirement is met when the learner completes the fifth lesson.

  • When learners reach a quiz result slide with a passing score or they've used up their retry attempts after failing the quiz. This happens as soon as the quiz result slide for the specified quiz lesson displays.

You can also choose to have no completion requirement. With this option, the course isn’t moved to a learner’s Complete tab until they’ve finished every lesson in the course. 

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