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Rise Support Policy

Technical support terms and our obligations to you, the customer

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 Applies to these roles: Learner, Author, Reporter, Admin  

Our approach to support is simple: we want to help you succeed. Rise is an all-in-one training system that lets you create, deliver, manage, and track training in one place. Rise is the online training system your employees will love, and we want to make sure you feel the same way. That’s why we offer personalized service.

Technical Support

Our Rise technical support team is here to help you with product purchase and technical difficulties with product features promoted on the site and outlined in our help documentation. Our technical support includes:

We can’t help with instructional design or hardware and systems that don’t meet our technical specifications. And while we’re happy to help, we can’t be responsible for issues outside our control such as user error, problems we are unable to reproduce, and third-party hardware/software. 

Articulate will not have any obligation to provide support services with respect to any: (a) support issues that arise out of or relate to breach of the Rise Terms of Service; (b) support issues that are outside of Articulate’s control; (c) enhancement requests; (d) support issues that are customer’s responsibility, as set forth in the Rise Terms of Service; or (e) support issues that arise out of any non-Articulate-supplied feature(s), program(s), device(s), and/or data.

Customer Obligations

We want to help you resolve your issue as quickly as possible. To help us reproduce, diagnose, and troubleshoot your issue, when you request support, we might ask you to provide any or all of the following:

  1. Your organization name and contact information

  2. Your Rise username 

  3. The browser in which Rise is running

  4. A reasonably detailed description of the incident or request

  5. Error messages or other notifications generated by the system

  6. A test case or instructions to demonstrate the issue

It’s our mission to treat you with respect and we ask that you do the same when communicating with our employees. Abusive or threatening language will result in a denial of support services, with no further obligation to you.

Articulate’s obligation to provide support services is conditioned on the customer: (a) paying all applicable fees to Articulate when due; (b) having valid access to the Services; (c) providing Articulate with all reasonable assistance and providing Articulate with data, information and materials as that are reasonably necessary; (d) procuring, installing and maintaining all equipment, communication interfaces, and other hardware and software necessary to access the Service; and (e) providing appropriate contact information for all authorized support contacts.

Contact Methods

Need help? Request support using any of these methods:

Messaging Widget

You can start a conversation with our support team at any time by clicking this icon on the lower right portion of your screen.


Support Availability

Our support team is available 24/7 at these support levels:

  • Workday support - Our team is available to support all functions of Rise, 24 hours per day, Monday - Friday. 

  • After hours support - Our team is available to support basic login issues and general questions about Rise during weekends and U.S. holidays.

Response Times

We rate the severity of each issue you report and set the following target response times for ourselves based on severity.

  • Critical - An issue is considered critical when it has a significant business impact on Rise, resulting in being down or functioning at a reduced capacity.

    Response time: 1 Hour

  • High - An issue is assigned a severity of high when it has some business impact on Rise, resulting in some loss of functionality on Rise is generally usable but does not provide a particular function in the most convenient or expeditious manner.

    Response time: 24 Hours

  • Medium - An issue is assigned a severity of medium when it involves non-production questions, such as general usage questions and feature requests. There is no impact on the quality, performance, or functionality of Rise.

    Response time: 48 Hours

Escalation Matrix

We escalate critical issues in this manner:

  • Escalation Level - Escalation Partner: Trigger Escalation When Open

  • 1st Level - On-Duty Support Team Lead: > 2 Hours

  • 2nd Level - Director of Client Services: > 3 Hours

  • 3rd Level - VP of Client Services: > 4 Hours

Term and Termination

We provide support for the duration of your Rise subscription.

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