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How to Send a Copy of a Course to Other Authors
How to Send a Copy of a Course to Other Authors

How to send a course copy to other authors on your team

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 Applies to these roles: Author, Reporter, Admin  

Need to send the source file for a Rise course to other authors on your team? It’s easy! Keep reading to find out how or watch this video.

Just go to the Create tab, click the ellipsis (...) for the course you want to share, then choose Send a Copy from the menu that appears.

Begin typing the name of the recipient and choose their name from the list that appears. You can enter additional names to choose more recipients. When you’re ready, change the default message if you’d like and click Send.

That’s it! The recipients will receive email notifications, and the course will automatically appear on their Rise dashboards.

You’ll each have an independent copy of the same project. Changes you make to the course won’t appear in the other authors’ versions, and vice versa. And if another author sends a copy of the course back to you later, a new version will be added to your Rise dashboard, meaning you’ll have the original version and an updated copy.

Tip: When you send a copy of a course, it uses the recipient’s default English text labels.

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