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Manage Your Learning Paths

How to add and remove groups and users, set a cover photo, and more

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Learning paths are a great way to create a collection of courses for your learners. Rather than making learners jump from course to course in the Learn tab, you can gather related courses into one convenient curriculum. 

The Learning Paths section of the Manage tab is where you view your account’s current learning paths and create new ones.

Viewing the Learning Paths List

The Learning Paths tab is where all of the learning paths in your account library are listed, sorted alphabetically. The total number of learning paths and total number of courses in those learning paths displays above the list. 

Search the learning path list by using the search bar. Create a new learning path by clicking the New Learning Path button.

Delete a Learning Path

To delete a learning path, hover over its entry and click the trash icon that appears, then verify your decision. If users were enrolled, the Learning Path Deleted tag is added to the relevant learning path report and activity report entries. 

Manage Learning Path Settings

Click a learning path in the list to see its settings, details, and enrollees. Click the arrow next to the learning path title to return to the full list.

Learner Number

This shows the number of learners enrolled in the learning path. This count includes group members as well as individual learners.

View Report

Click View Report to see the learning path report in the Report tab. 


Click the trash can icon to remove the learning path from the library.

Select and Remove Topics

Click Choose Topic to access the available course topics. Use the search bar in the pop-up menu to filter your results. Select as many topics as apply and click the X to close the pop-up window.

Remove an already-added topic by clicking its X icon.

Learning Path Availability

Use the switch in the settings panel to toggle the learning path to offline. This makes the learning path inaccessible and is helpful when you need to restrict enrollee access for a limited time.

Adjust Duration

Learning path duration is calculated automatically, based on the duration of the included courses at the time of the learning path's creation. If a course's duration changes after you create your learning path, you'll need to click Edit to adjust the duration manually.

Completion Certificate 

This toggle determines if your learners receive a completion certificate upon completing the learning path. 

Library Visibility

Switching library visibility to On or Off displays or hides the learning path in your account library. If it’s hidden, only enrolled learners can view it. Click Edit to add or remove the learning path from additional libraries.

Manage Learning Path Details

On the Details tab, you can update the information that displays on the learning path overview page as well as the courses that make up the learning path. 

Cover Photo

Here you can replace the cover photo image with one from your own files or a stock image. You can also edit the alt tag or delete the image altogether. 


Add or update the description. Click Save to commit any changes.

Show Authors

Selecting this displays the individual authors for each course on the learning path overview.

Course List

The course list shows all the courses that make up the learning path. To require that they’re completed in order, select Courses Must Be Completed in Order. Use this when you need your learners to take a course as a prerequisite to another course. Drag and drop courses in the list to reorder them.

Hover over a course in the list to access its settings. Here you can modify the completion requirements and due date period of the course’s publish settings

To remove a course from the learning path, hover and click the trash icon and verify your decision. The course will still be available in the account library.  

Click Add Courses at the bottom of the list to add additional published courses from your account library to the learning path.

Add and Remove Groups

An easy way to enroll lots of learners at once is by adding a group. Select the Groups tab, then click the Enroll Groups button.

In the enrollment window, select the groups you’d like to enroll. Use the Everyone group if you want all current and new users to be enrolled in the learning path automatically. The content is available to users even if they're excluded from the library it's in. Once your selection is complete, click Enroll Groups.

Once enrolled, groups are listed alphabetically on this tab. Remove a group from a course by hovering over its entry and clicking Remove.

Add and Remove Learners

To enroll individual learners in a course, select the Learners tab, then click the Enroll Learners button.

In the enrollment window, start typing a name. A pop-up automatically returns learners’ names as you type. Click a name to select it and add the learner to the list. Once your list is complete, click Enroll Learners.

Learners are listed alphabetically by last name. Remove a learner by hovering over their entry and clicking Remove.

Note: Learners added via group aren't listed individually on the Learners tab.

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