Applies to these roles: Learner, Author, Reporter, Admin  

Learning paths are made up of two or more courses. What you see when you select the title card for a learning path is a little different than with courses. Check out this quick video to learn more:

The learning path overview cover image displays the title and your current progress. Here you can either start with the first course or, if you’ve already started, continue where you last left off. You can also save it to your list by clicking the Save to My List button.

Next, you’ll see the average time the learning path takes to complete, the due date, description, and topics, as well as the authors of the included courses.

At the bottom of the overview, you’ll see title cards for the courses that make up the learning path. Courses you haven’t started display a View button over the cover image. In-progress and completed courses have a progress bar. 

Clicking a course title card takes you to the overview for that course. You can review the course information, start or continue the course, or jump to a specific lesson in the course outline.

Complete a Learning Path

Completion of a learning path is based on the completion requirements for each of its constituent courses. Learn more about completing courses here. Once you’ve completed all course requirements, the learning path is marked complete.

Once you complete an assigned learning path, it displays on the Completed tab. Completed learning paths that you added to your list from the Library appear in the My List folder only.

You can retake any learning path you’ve completed by clicking the Start Again button on the learning path overview. This will not reset your completed progress nor will it move completed content to the In-Progress tab.

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