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How to Use the Blocks Shortcut Bar
How to Use the Blocks Shortcut Bar

Quickly add the most-used blocks to your lessons

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Use the blocks shortcut bar to quickly create customized lessons that make your content shine. 

The blocks shortcut bar is the first thing you see when you edit a new lesson. It contains a list of the most common blocks. To add a block to your lesson with a click, choose from Text, List, Image, Video, Process, Flashcards, Sorting, Labeled Graphic, or Continue.

As you add content, the blocks shortcut bar stays below the last block in the lesson. For your existing blocks lessons, you’ll find the shortcut bar after the last block of the lesson.

If you need a block type that isn’t listed on the shortcut bar, just click All Blocks to open the blocks library sidebar.

To add blocks before or between existing blocks, click the Insert Block icon (+) that appears when you mouse-over the boundary between blocks, as usual!

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