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How to submit or self-publish a course

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 Applies to these roles: Author, Reporter, Admin  

Before a course is added to your account library, it has to be published. You can easily tell the submission status of your courses on the create dashboard. Courses that you’ve never submitted for publication have no status listed. Your submitted, published, or updated (but unsubmitted) courses’ current statuses display on their course cards. Read on for details.

Submit a Course for Review

Open a course and click Submit in the upper-right corner to get started. The Submit Course window displays (or Submit Updates if the course was previously published).

  1. Set course completion parameters. Learners can complete the course by viewing a specified percentage, passing a selected quiz lesson in the course, or both. You can also choose No Requirement.
    Note: If you lower the passing score of a quiz after the course is published, learners will have to retake the quiz in the republished course to gain the benefit of the lowered score, even if their prior score would be a success with the new parameters.

  2. Selecting the Course Duration option displays the estimated time it'll take learners to complete the course on the overview page. This is 30 minutes by default but can be overwritten with your own value.

  3. The Completion Celebration option displays an animated, confetti-filled, celebration for learners when they meet the completion parameters.

  4. Enable Certificate for course completion to provide learners with a downloadable completion certificate.

  5. Courses have no due date by default, but you can select a set number of days after a learner is enrolled to complete the course or specify a due date.

  6. Select an admin to notify from the drop-down menu and add a note if needed. The selected admin receives an email notifying them of your pending course, but any admin can publish the course.

  7. Click Submit to complete the submission process and return to the course. If you haven't added content to every lesson, you'll be reminded to do so before you can submit a course.

That’s it! Once an admin reviews your submitted course and completes the publishing process, it’ll be available for learners. You'll receive an email notification that it's been published.

Tip: If you're an admin, you'll see Publish instead of Submit and you’ll have additional parameters to select. These courses will be immediately discoverable by learners. 

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