How to Search For Content in Lessons

How to use the sidebar to find content

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 Applies to these roles: Learner, Author, Reporter, Admin  

Find information in a course by using the search field in the sidebar.

How to Use the Search Feature

Once you’ve started a course, select the Search icon in the sidebar (if available). Enter the term you want to search for and press the Enter key. 

The results populate in the sidebar underneath the search field, along with the number of times the term appears in each lesson. Select a result to jump to the lesson that contains the search term. As long as what you searched for isn’t part of a hidden text block (see the note below), you’ll see it highlighted in the lesson.

To return to normal sidebar navigation, click the Close icon in the search field or press the ESC key. 

Note: Hidden text and sections beyond continue blocks that haven’t been completed are contained in the search results. To see the hidden content, complete any necessary tasks in the lesson. 

If the author has set course navigation mode to restricted or turned off the sidebar, it won’t be visible for that course.

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